RAID Joins RSTC US Council

By unanimous vote, the RSTC Board of Directors welcomes RAID as its newest member. Rebreather Association of International Divers was formed in 2007, and will join PADI, PDIC, SDI and SSI as members of the RSTC. The RSTC announced changes to its membership criteria in November 2015, accepting members at two levels, Associate Member and Voting Member. The RSTC seeks to continue to improve diver safety, and increasing membership is part of this strategy. RAID was the first training organization to answer that call and make application. RAID CEO Jim Holliday states “RAID is proud to be accepted as an RSTC Associate Member and RAID is committed to meet its commitment to help uphold the safety standards of the RSTC.” Dan Orr, RSTC Coordinator said, “we are very pleased to have another agency join our council.” He went on to say, “RAID was very enthusiastic and jumped at the chance to join. We look forward to their active participation.”

RSTC training requirements are recognized around the world as the global industry standard. New members are assessed to ensure compliance with RSTC standards. Members must make an ongoing commitment to ensure compliance with RSTC standards.

Scuba training organizations interested in applying for membership with the RSTC may download membership information at