Statement Regarding Covid-19 Precaustions


With the ever-evolving Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, all divers and scuba leadership must continue to travel and dive in a safe and responsible manner.  The World Health Organization, as well as various agencies in the USA, continually monitor the spread of this disease and advise specific precautions.  Following these published guidelines is advised for all.

Use of face masks, social distancing, and hand washing appear to be our best defense.  If planning to travel, research the conditions regarding disease spread in the area where you will be going.  Wearing a facemask anytime you are in any crowd is advised regardless of circumstances.

Any scuba equipment, including regulator second stages, buoyancy devices, etc. being used by multiple persons during training and equipment rental, must be disinfected between uses.  Advice on disinfection methods and products can come from the Divers Alert Network and any equipment manufacturers.

Divers Alert Network (March 31, 2021) tells us to be aware returning to diving after an individual has suffered coronavirus.  “With regard to diving, we are particularly concerned about the pulmonary and cardiovascular aspects.  “Consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for a medical assessment of dive fitness after Covid-19.”  Contact for the latest updates.  The full DAN article can be reached at: