01 – Introductory Scuba Experience.pdf07/30/10 12:02:03111.4 KBMinimum course standard for conducting a scuba experience for non-certified divers
02 – Supervised Diver.pdf08/18/10 12:26:37129.9 KBMinimum course standard for Supervised Diver training
03 – Open Water Diver.pdf05/05/11 18:26:38442.0 KBMinimum course standard for Open Water Diver training
04 – Enriched Air Nitrox Certification.pdf08/03/10 5:25:08112.4 KBMinimum course standard for enriched air nitrox training
05 – Entry level Rescue Diver.pdf08/03/10 5:25:07116.4 KBMinimum course standard for Rescue Diver training
06 – Recreational Dive Supervisor.pdf08/06/10 18:09:59113.9 KBMinimum course standard for Dive Supervisor training
07 – Recreational Assistant Instructor.pdf08/06/10 17:48:10317.0 KBMinimum course standard for Assistant Instructor training
08 – Recreational Scuba Instructor.pdf08/03/10 5:25:08113.7 KBMinimum course standard for Scuba Instructor training
09 – Recreational Scuba Instructor Trainer.pdf08/06/10 17:48:12704.8 KBMinimum course standard for Instructor Trainer training
10 – Common Hand Signals.pdf12/16/10 22:36:37598.2 KBPhotos of common hand signals used by recreational divers


11 – Medical Guidelines03/01/22 18:35:26n/aThis is a statement in which you are informed of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and of the conduct required of you during the scuba training program. Your signature on this statement is required for you to participate in the scuba training program offered. The WRSTC uses the UHMS Recreational Diving Medical Screening System. Clicking this link will open their website where the form can be downloaded.
12 – Guidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes.pdf07/12/07 18:34:4961.8 KBGuidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes – Posted with Divers Alert Network permission
13 – RSTC Brochure.pdf09/29/10 18:26:294.7 MBRSTC Brochure
15 – WRSTC Operating Protocols.pdf1/29/20 16:42:41678 KB
16 – WRSTC Regional Council Application.pdf1/29/20 16:42:41742 KB
17 – WRSTC Conditions for Regional Councils.pdf1/29/20 16:42:41401 KB

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